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By Tyanne Middleton / September 13, 2020

Brain Injury Caregiver Tips

A while back I was asked to write this blog post, but I didn’t know exactly what to write about. ...

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By Tyanne Middleton / September 8, 2020

Brain Injury Caregiving

It's Harder Than Language Can Convey Today was one of the longest days.  Parenting is hard, but being a brain...

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By jjadmin / September 1, 2020

What It Is Like Living With My Brain Injury

By Elliot M Frei Overview of my injury Suffering a brain injury, without a doubt, is life changing. It is...

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By Judy Gooch / August 26, 2020

Overcoming Loneliness

Public Health Crisis: A pandemic within a pandemic If you’re feeling lonely or isolated you are not alone. Dr. Vivek...

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By jjadmin / August 21, 2020

Making a Case for Speech Therapy After any Brain Injury

I don't need speech therapy Speech therapy?  Me?  My speech is fine.  I have a brain injury and can’t focus,...

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By Laura Nordfelt / August 7, 2020

The Importance of a Team after Brain Injury

Your Village: As Dr. Judy Gooch mentioned, “after a brain injury, you can get lost. You often need therapy to...

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By Judy Gooch / July 27, 2020


Building Your Brain Injury Team Everything Can Change After a brain injury life can change. Whether it’s from trauma, a...

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By jjadmin / July 18, 2020

Health Insurance & Brain Injury

I was asked if I would want to write a blog about health insurance and brain injury.  Please note, I...

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By Tyanne Middleton / July 12, 2020

Planning a Financial Future When you Have a Brain Injury

Special Needs Trusts: A Brief Overview By Daniel K. Vincent, JD, CPA, CITP Note: this article is for general information...

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By jjadmin / July 7, 2020


The Day Things Changed My name is Jessy, I'm from Oregon. On May 16, 2018, I went to the motocross...

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