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By Laura Nordfelt / January 12, 2021

Medication: A Blessing or a Curse

Pain Management 2020 has been a rough year but not for the obvious reasons. For my brain injury survivor, and...

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By Tyanne Middleton / January 6, 2021

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…504, IEP, Special Ed & Making Sense of it All

School can be difficult for kids who have had a brain injury, for kids with cerebral palsy.  They may struggle...

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By Tyanne Middleton / January 2, 2021

I Have a Brain Injury. I’m Not Stupid

Part 2 Last time I told you about my only friends.  The friends that perpetuate my life of lies and...

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By Tyanne Middleton / December 29, 2020

The Truth & The Lie of Brain Injury

Part 1 Do you ever get used to it?  Maybe not right away, but eventually it’s just part of life. ...

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By Tyanne Middleton / December 21, 2020

A Guide For An Unfamiliar Place

Do you need help after a brain injury, from trauma, a stroke, a tumor, cerebral palsy?  Brain injury survivors and...

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By Laura Nordfelt / December 14, 2020

Healthy Boundaries Show Love and Care

Everyday Boundaries In addition to the physical changes that may occur as a result of a brain injury, the effects...

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By Judy Gooch / December 9, 2020

Headaches. What A Headache!

Headaches after Brain Injury Headaches after brain injury are really common.   This is what the medical literature says.  This is...

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By jjadmin / December 7, 2020

Headaches, Chaos & Anguish After Brain Injury: Does It Ever Get Better?

One mom's experience with headache after head injury After his brain injury, Jason would come home from school and go...

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By Tyanne Middleton / November 30, 2020

We Need You!

Hey fellow Brainstormers, We are having another raffle and we need your help! Isolation and loneliness are big problems after...

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By Tyanne Middleton / November 23, 2020

How Brain Injury, Covid-19 and a Worldwide Pandemic Change the Holidays

2020 has proven to be a trying year for most people. Being cut off from friends, family and things we...

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