Meet Tyanne Middleton Crook

TyAnne was a regular mom doing school runs, helping with homework and folding a never-ending pile of laundry.  On April 10, 2013, all that changed. She became a caregiver to a child with a brain injury. Since that day, she has faced many parent’s worst nightmares.  She has advocated for her child with medical providers, mental health professionals, insurance companies, lawyers and educators. She has developed an extensive network of medical and therapeutic providers, teachers, and school administrators, and legal and financial professionals to help her child regain abilities that most thought unrealistic.  Through her years of experience as a brain injury parent, she has tried to provide help and hope to other families with similar experiences. The pile of laundry is still never-ending, and even though her life changed forever that day, she still loves to bake, travel, binge on Netflix and considers herself a novice photographer.

“TyAnne is highly qualified to help brain injured individuals, spouses and family members deal with the full time job of caring for an injured loved-one.”
– Lynn Harris, Attorney

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