Brainstorm for Brain Injury
Our Mission
Brainstorm for Brain Injury is a non-profit designed to connect and educate those affected by brain injury in a supportive community.

After a brain injury, life is changed. Easy tasks become difficult. School or work may be unmanageable. Even normal conversations are strained as a result of cognitive deficits. The brain injury survivor feels isolated. Families are overwhelmed. Often survivors and families do not know what to do or where to get help.

Doctors typically treat the acute injury, then discharge the patient who returns to a life that is changed. While therapy and programs are available for brain injury survivors, the medical community is often unaware of the resources.

There is a desperate need in the market to connect brain injury survivors to therapists, community resources, legal experts, and most importantly other survivors and their families. This is where the Brainstorm Community comes in!

Tyanne Cook, brain injury caregiver
Tyanne Middleton Crook
Dr. Judy Gooch, brain Injury specialist.
Dr. Judy Gooch
Laura Nordfelt brain injury survivor caregiver
Laura Nordfelt
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